Spotswood Swim Club

Rules and Regulations


1. The Spotswood Swim Club shall be referred to as the Club in this document. The Club’s property

includes the parking lot and wooded area owned by the Club.

2. The Head Guard and lifeguards on duty have the authority to enforce the Club’s rules and the

regulations of the Virginia Department of Health, and may require any member or other person

to leave the Club’s property for failure to comply with those rules. This includes endangering the

safety of any person(s) using the Club’s facilities or for failure of proper self-conduct. In any case

of this sort, the incident will be reported to the Board of Directors, which may suspend the

privileges of the member or other persons.

3. Authorized members and guests shall use the pool only when officially opened and a lifeguard is

on duty. Requests for opening of the pool during non-posted hours must be approved by the

Board of Directors.

4. Members must pay annual dues in full prior to the first usage of the pool.

5. Members are responsible for their children and guest(s) at all times.

6. Any child under 11 years old will not be admitted into the pool enclosure without a responsible

person at least 16 years old.

7. The Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property of any member or any guest.

8. No glass objects of any kind are allowed in the pool enclosure.

9. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Club property.

10. During Adult Swim, only persons 18 years or older may be in the pool. Adult Swim will not last

any longer than 10 minutes per hour and will not be called after 8 pm.

11. Please report any issues to the Head Guard on duty right away.


12. The pool will close during a storm and will remain closed for 30 minutes following the last sight

of lightning or sound of thunder. In the case of lightning the pool deck is to be cleared

immediately. The pool will reopen when the weather conditions improve, provided that at least

two hours remain of the normal operating day. This decision will be at the discretion of the Head


13. At the discretion of the Head Guard, when the air temperature is below 70 degrees and the pool

water temperature falls below 82 degrees, the pool can be closed.

1 Revised 2016


14. A member is allowed to bring up to 5 non-member guests into the pool enclosure. Members

wishing to bring more than 5 guests at a time need to refer to the Pool Parties section. A

member must remain on premises at all times with the guests.

15. Each guest from within a 50 mile radius must have a guest pass or pay the $5.00 fee. Only one

fee is collected per guest per day. A guest from beyond the 50 mile radius may enter the pool


16. All guests must be logged into the guest book.

17. Non-member babysitters must have a guest pass or pay $5.00. The member must inform the

Head Guard when a babysitter is coming. Babysitters may NOT bring additional guests with

them and must follow all rules and regulations of the Club.


18. Designated pool toys such as pool noodles, kick boards, Nerf brand toys, beach balls 16” and

under, and water guns without a pullback handle are allowed. Tennis balls, baseballs, softballs,

footballs, volleyballs and other NON-pool play items are not permitted. Inflatable rafts, rings or

water wings are not permitted.

19. Flippers may be used in the pool, but must be removed to walk on the deck.

20. Pool noodles and kick boards are not permitted in the diving board area. Anyone using a pool

noodle or kick board must be able to swim the length of the pool without assistance.

21. Kick-boards must be the kind that are coated and not just Styrofoam (which can damage the

pump). Swim team kick-boards are not available for public use. Any misuse of kick-boards will

require the lifeguard staff to ask that the kick-board be removed.

22. Life jackets and “Puddle Jumpers” with printed Coast Guard approval tags are permitted in the

shallow area only for children 4 years old and under when the child is within arm’s reach of an

attentive adult age 16 or over.

23. Pool noodles and other toys may be restricted due to crowded conditions, improper use, or

other reasons at the discretion of the Head Guard. Please respect the decision of the guards,

appeals may be directed to the board of directors.

Health and Safety Rules

24. Lifeguards are in place for the safety of all swimmers. Please refrain from “chatting” with the

guard while on stands.

25. Only persons demonstrating swimming ability to the satisfaction of the lifeguard on duty will be

permitted in the deep water. If a swimmer’s ability is questioned that person may be asked to

move to a safer area.

26. Games which utilize the diving area may not be played without the permission of the lifeguard

on duty. When permission is granted the game may be stopped at any time or for any reason

the guard sees fit.

2 Revised 2016

27. Spitting, spouting of water, or clearing of throat or nose in the pool is strictly prohibited.

28. In the event of injury the staff needs to be alerted right away. The incident needs to be recorded

regardless of outcome.

29. Since the main pool and the wading pool are hydraulically connected, if anyone defecates in

either pool both pools have to be closed and “shocked” with a large amount of chlorine to kill

any bacteria that might have contaminated the pool. The pool can be closed without notice for

several hours and can be closed for up to 24 hours to remove all contamination. By law, the pool

cannot be reopened until all bacteria has been removed and neutralized.

Diving Board Rules

30. Next person waiting in line to use the diving board must be on the concrete while waiting.

31. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time.

32. Only one bounce is allowed on the board.

33. Once you are on the diving board you may not climb off. Only the Head Guard or lifeguards may

assist getting a child into the water safely. Under NO circumstances will you be allowed to come

back down the ladder or jump off the side of the board onto the deck. Anyone who is removed

off the board more than twice will not be allowed back onto the board.

34. Diving is only permitted after the previous diver has surfaced and reached the ladder.

35. Hanging on the diving board or swimming under the board is NOT permitted.

Rules of Conduct

36. Running, rough housing, fighting, foul language, etc. are strictly prohibited in the pool area.

37. Modest male and female bathing suits are preferred. All private body parts should be covered.

Thong bikinis or other suits that are see-through are not allowed. Patrons will be asked to

cover up.

38. Excessive or suggestive sexual conduct (including kissing) shall not be permitted. Couples

displaying excessive PDA will be given one warning!

Wading Pool Rules

39. The wading pool is restricted to children 6 years and younger. Parents or responsible persons

may play with child in pool.

40. Children in baby pool must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible person of at

least 16 years of age.

41. Babies and toddlers who are not yet fully potty-trained must wear tight fitting swim diapers.

Diapers must be snug enough to prevent solid waste from entering the pool. Regular disposable

diapers do not work in a swimming pool and are prohibited by the Club. The caregiver will be

asked to remove the child from the pool if he/she is not wearing the proper diaper.

3 Revised 2016

Pool Parties

42. Six or more guests are considered a party. Parties must be scheduled with the staff. A party fee

may be required if extra staff will be needed. Guard staff is limited this limited this year and

groups of more than 5 non-members without a scheduled party may be turned away.

43. Parties are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and are only scheduled after the deposit is

made, and paperwork is filled out.

44. Parties are not booked during swim team events. The Head Guard has the right to reject a party

request for any reason.

45. All parties canceled due to weather will be given the option for a refund or to rebook. In case of

inclement weather during the party, it may be rescheduled as time allows.


46. Please report any technical issue, problem, safety issue, etc. to the Head Guard. Situations

arising and not specifically covered by these established rules shall be handled by the Head

Guard on duty and reported to the Board of Directors.

47. Please direct any suggestions or complaints to the Board of Directors at

4 Revised 2016