Spotswood Swim Club operates a pool in the quiet Spotswood neighborhood near Lafayette Blvd. & Harrison Rd. It has two diving boards, 25-meter lap lanes, and a separate wading pool for toddlers. There is a small concession stand on site, and members are permitted to bring their own food and host parties at the pool.

The Spotswood Swim Club is a Member-owned facility. When you join you are actually purchasing stock in a small corporation. The stock fee acts as a deposit to guarantee your membership at the pool from year to year. When you are ready to leave the membership, a new member takes your place and the stock fee is refunded to you. As an alternative you can get a "trial membership" (a one-year pool pass).

See the Membership page for information about joining the Club.

Click here for the Club's By-Laws.

Click here for the Club's rules and regulations.

5 Ways to Get Free Guest Passes

  1. Come to the pool on clean-up days - May 7 and Sept. 12.
  2. Pay your dues by May 14.
  3. Refer a new member join the pool.
  4. Volunteer to audit the financial records.
  5. Arrange for a prospective member to visit the pool with you.

How to Host a Pool Party

Pool Party Pool Party

For a relaxed summer gathering, you can reserve the Picnic Table Area for $35. Each non-member will need a guest pass or $5 admission. Reservations are needed a week in advance for groups of 5 or more so plenty of guards are on duty. You are welcome to decorate the area and bring your own food and drinks. You may also use the refrigerator and microwave in the clubhouse.

Pool Snack Ideas

Be prepared. Swimmers always get the munchies during adult swim time. Here are some of our favorite snacks:

  • GORP - Pretzels, Raisins, Nuts and M&M's
  • Peanut Butter & Crackers
  • Pasta Salad - remember a fork
  • 25¢ Ice Pops from the concession stand